ESky 900 box
ESky 900 in the Box
ESky Heli Line Up
The ESky 900 (or ES500 as I call it) is a 500 size ARTF Helicopter ESky developed as a replacement for
the bigger E-Smart. The kit itself is actually really nice and unlike most clones, the 900 does not need
to be upgraded before flying (except for the main blades, the stock blades are horrible). The major
downfall of the 900 is that the kit is pretty expensive compared to most 500 size helis and because of
that, the popularity of the heli is VERY low. And that means that there are few places to buy the heli
and even fewer places to buy spare parts for it. On top of that, it will only be a matter of time before
ESky drops this heli from their line-up like they did with the E-Smart.
ESky 900, a 500 size RC  Helicopter
ESky 900 Rotor Head
ESky 900 Tail Rotor
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BEC or Separate
Receiver Battery
What You Need To Build This Heli
Radio Transmitter with at
least 6 channels
Radio Receiver with at
least 6 channels
Brushless Motor and
50-70A Electronic Speed
Controller (ESC)
Program Card for your
Head Holding Gyro
Tail Servo
(3) Mini Size
Cyclic Servos
These are only the basic parts you will need to build one of these helicopters. The exact size and
specs of the components you use will vary as there are thousands of parts available. To see a list of
parts from Hobby City that you can use for one of these
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