The Basics: The Belt CP V2 is a 6ch collective pitch RC Helicopter from ESky. Its generally
sold RTF (Ready to Fly) but it still must be set up prior to actually trying to fly it. The Belt CP V2
is also sold with a plastic fuselage on it and is known as the Belt CP CX, the CX is not the same
as the CPX.

What I like: One thing I like about the Belt CP V2 is its price, the whole heli can usually be
bought for under $200 and it includes everything you need to fly, besides skill that is. Its fairly
easy to work on and parts are readily available and cheap.

What I don't Like: My biggest complaint is the 25A ESC and Main Gear. The main gear is too
weak and the ESC is prone to catching on fire. The kit could come with better blades, the
factory bades work but the heli will fly better with better blades. Also the radio system works
but these days is a bit outdated (kinda like the whole heli actually).

Conclusion: If you're looking to get a RTF 6ch helicopter, the Belt CP V2 is a decent heli that
once upgraded a bit will be a very nice heli. If you don't want to have to upgrade it you might
consider a nicer (more expensive) heli.
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Belt CP V2 Main Blades
Belt CP Main Shaft
Belt CP V2/X Feathering Shaft
Belt CP V2 Tail Boom
Align 325mm Wood Blades
HobbyWing Platinum 40A ESC
Main Blades
Main Shaft
Feathering Shaft
Rotor Head
Tail Boom
Main Gear
Landing Skid
Plastic Head Links
Tail Box
Servo/Head Links
New Blades
Tail Blade Shaft
Upgrades Needed
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