ESky 315mm Main Blades
ESky Belt CPX Main Shaft
ESky Belt CPX Feathering Shaft
ESky Belt CPX Balancing Pole Set
Rotor Head
Main Gear
Landing Skids
Tail Boom
Main Blades
Main Shaft
ESky 3D Belt CPX
Feathering Shaft
Rotor Head
Main Gear w/ Bearing
Landing Skids
Tail Boom
Tail Boom Supports
Tail Rotor Shaft
Head Link Set
Balancing Pole Set
Flybar Control Arms
The Basics: The ESky Belt CPX is the latest version on the Belt CP. If you're looking for your
first Collective Pitch helicopter, then this might be just what you're looking for. The RTF kit
comes with everything you need to get started. But, the CPX is not a beginner heli, it is meant
for those who already have some experience with RC Helicopters. So if you are just getting
started in this hobby, I would consider getting either the HoneyBee FP V2 or other 4ch
Helicopter to learn the basics on.

What I like: The Belt CPX is based on the ESky Belt CP V2 and shares alot of the same parts,
that makes finds spares a bit easier. The Rotor Head has been redesigned, makes setting the
heli up a bit easier. The frame has also been redesigned slightly and one improvement is the
servos have been relocated for better control (less linkages between the servo and the
swashplate) as well as easier set up. The new canopy looks good and has a nice tight fit.

What I Don't Like: Well right off the start my first complaint is the fact ESky has decided to
sell this heli with their old 25A ESC which is prone to catching on fire. Also the Main Gear is still
pretty weak as is the rotor head, they are some of the first things to break in a crash. These
days ESky really should be selling these with more CNC aluminum parts stock, its kinda
ridiculous that they are still all plastic. Also I wish the HH gyro was a bit better, it does work but
there are MUCH better gyros available under $75. The Transmitter works but is kinda outdated
and glitchy.

My Conclusion: Overall I like this helicopter quite a bit. I just really like the fact that everything
is included in just 1 box, RTF. Granted this heli is definitely not perfect right out of the box but
with a little time spent making sure it is properly set up, it is a good flying heli. With just a few
upgrades you can make this a really sweet heli. If you're looking for your first RTF 6ch RC
Helicopter, I would recommend considering this one.
325mm Align wood blades
40A Hobbywing ESC
325mm Blades
ESky Belt CPX with Accesories
ESky Belt CPX and HoneyBee FP V2
Direct To Swash
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