ESky HoneyBee in FMS
Piccolo FP in FMS
Flying Model Simulator (FMS) is a free Flight Simulator (sim) for RC helicopters and RC
Airplanes that anyone can download. It is also the program that comes with the ESky sim kit.
FMS is a great "First" sim because it teaches you the basics while being very affordable, ITS

To really get the most out of this sim you need to have some kind of RC Transmitter to use
with the sim. My recommendation is to buy the ESky sim kit because its cheap $ and is USB
powered so no batteries required. I've also used other USB gamepads for FMS.
Flying Model Simulator
Be Careful - Its easy to treat Flight Simulators like video games but if you wish to really benefit
from the "simulator" then you must treat it like a "simulator". Practice on the things you
actually need to work on.

But Remember - Real Life is ALOT DIFFERENT then the Sim.

Flight Simulators are meant to teach you basic stick controls (train your hands). Once you
understand the basics, try getting a 4ch Ready to fly RC Heli to start to practice on.
ESky CoAxial in FMS
Edge 540 in FMS
One of the biggest downfalls of FMS is that the RC Models and Sceneries that are included
with the sim are really crappy. Both in looks and in the way the models perform. But there are
many people who have taken the time to make sceneries and models that are much better
then the originals. You can search
"FMS Downloads" on google to find places to download
the additional models for free.

But I went ahead and made it a little bit easier for you. I took all my favorite FMS Sceneries and
Models and saved them in one file that is available for free download. Here is the link to
download them.
Click HERE to download my FMS Favorites
Here are some screenshots of FMS on my computer. The Sceneries and models seen are all
included in the download kink I provided above. The speed of your computer and type of
video card you use greatly contributes to the quality of the graphics and how smooth the sim
will run on your comp.
MD 500 in FMS
All of the Add-On models for FMS are available for FREE download, if you do not wish to
download all of the FMS Models I have put together, you can download them individually
from the original websites I found them on.
Site 1     Site 2     Site 3     Site 4     Site 5     Site 6
If you need additional help with FMS, visit the FMS Forum. You can find all the info you need
there. Click the
FMS logo to go to their forum.
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