The HK 600GT kits have a few parts that should be replaced prior to flying. The Main Gear, Auto
Rotation Gear should be replaced as the stock ones are usually warped and that causes vibrations.
The Tail Drive Gear MUST be replaced prior to flight, stock ones are known to fail, huge safety risk
for such a cheap part, replace with Align Gear. The Flybar cage's are made a bit small and its easier
to just buy an Align Flybar cage, it will fit better. And the kit does not comes with Servo Mounting
plates, they just make mounting the servos easier, get some.
Genuine Align Parts Available from
Ron's HeliProz South.
Tail Drive Gear
Flybar Cage
Main Gear
Autorotation Gear
Servo Plates
2 HK 600GT's from Hobby King
HK 600GT RC Helicopter
1200kv Brushless Motor and Pinion
Spektrum DX6i
Spektrum AR6200
7.5A BEC
Radio Transmitter with at
least 6 channels
Radio Receiver with at
least 6 channels
Brushless Motor and
80A or higher Electronic
Speed Controller
Hobbywing Program Card
Program Card for your
BEC or Separate
Receiver Battery
Futaba GY401 Gyro
Head Holding Gyro
22.2v 5000mAh
Tig Z-Weave Carbon Fiber Blades
HiTech HS-422
Futaba 9254 Tail Servo
Standard Size Tail Servo
(3) Standard Size
Cyclic Servos
22.2v 5000mAh LiPo
600mm Main Blades
The HK 600GT from HobbyKing is a clone of the very popular Align T-Rex 600. The HK 600GT is not as
good quality as the T-Rex but its also a fraction of the cost. The HK 600GT comes as a kit and can be
challenging to assemble properly. But once you finish building the heli it is an awesome machine. Its
great value for the money and is perfect for those wanting to move to the 600 size class on a budget.
Also great for Scale Fuselages and Aerial Photography. However, if your goal is to do alot of 3D, I
would recommend getting a higher quality kit, like the
Chaos 600.
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What You Need To Build This Heli
These are only the basic parts you will need to build one of these helicopters. The exact size and
specs of the components you use will vary as there are thousands of parts available. To see a list of
parts from Hobby City that you can use for one of these
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Hobbywing Platinum Pro ESC
Part 1 - HK 600GT Introduction
Part 2 - Checking the kit pt 1
Part 3 - Checking the kit pt 2
Part 4 - Checking the kit pt 3
Part 6 - Electronics
Part 5 - Kit Assembly
Part 7 - Align Upgrades
Part 8 - Set Up part 1
Part 9 - Set up part 2
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