Ok people, if you haven't found it by now. I have my own forum. My forum is, what me and
many of my forum members, consider to be the Best RC Helicopter forum on the net. Its one
of the friendliest and most welcoming online communities you'll ever find.

So you may be wondering why I have my own forum when there are soo many other forums
out there. Well basically I wasn't happy with the way other forums where run. One day I was
kinda like
"Screw You guys, I'll go make my own forum!"
And thats exactly what I did. I have always been dedicated to helping the beginners in this

I found that most of the other forums out there where not very beginner friendly. Some
because of rude people and some because of the lack of rules and moderation. I wanted to
create a family friendly environment that is welcoming to all pilots of all ages and skill level.
MyRCGuide is that forum.

Another important reason I started my forum is to make it easier for beginners to get
answers for your questions and also make it easier to get ahold of me. I get tons of pm's on
the various forums I signed up on and lots of e-mails from people asking for help. But the
problem is I simply can not answer everyones questions. You have to remember that this,
RC Helis, is a hobby for me too, its not my job. I have a Full Time job that takes priority over
my hobbies. I also make my own instructional videos, run my forum, work on this website
and try and fit in some time to eat, sleep, maintain a social life and fly my helis. Now you see
why the time I have to answer questions is very short. But you can ask any question on my
forum and get the help and answers you need quick!

And, if getting answers for your questions wasn't good enough, for the people who stick
around the forum and help make the forum the best on the net, we have Random Giveaways
and Contests for active members.

Anyways, I hope to see you on the forum, thanks for visiting the site.  
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