Spektrum DX6i
Spektrum DX6i
The 6-channel DX6i uses the
same full-range DSM2™
technology found in the
Spektrum DX7 and includes an
impressive list of programming
features for both airplanes and
helicopters that are simple to
access and use. It comes with the
new AR6200 DSM2 6-channel
receiver that is robust enough to
use in large models yet compact
enough to fit in many parkflyers.
The DX6i is also compatible with
all existing Spektrum aircraft
receivers. Whatever kind of flying
you do, the DX6i can be adapted
to most any model in your
existing collection that requires 6-
channels or less.
DX6i Software Features:

The DX6i comes equipped with
all the programming features
you need to fly most any sport,
3D or pattern airplane. It also
includes helicopter

• Integrated Timer
• Dual Rate and Expo
• Dual Speed Trim Scroll
• Model Name
• Model Type
• Throttle Cut
• Trainer Mode
• Model Copy
• Travel Adjust
• Sub Trim
• Servo Monitor

• Flap
• P-Mixes (2)
• Flap-Elevator Mix
• Dual Aileron Mix
• V-tail Mix
• Delta Mix
• Aileron Differential

• Gyro Adjust
• Graphic Throttle Curve
• Graphic Pitch Curve
• P-Mixes (2)
• Revo
• Swash Type: Normal, 120-deg
Spektrum AR6200
Spektrum AR6200 Receiver
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